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More About Mission

Support of Regional, National, International Mission

We join with other Presbyterians in mission by contributing financially to Shared Missions a number of times each year. These funds send mission co-workers around the world to work in partnership with churches in diverse countries, develop curriculum, provide resources to support our ministry, and many other things.. 

Jackson Personal Care Ministry

The Jackson Personal Care Ministry provides personal care items such as soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper and dish detergent to help persons in need. This local mission, organized with multiple partner churches, is a special emphasis of Westminster. The care pantry is housed at First Baptist Church of Jackson.

Learn more about our newest local mission, Jackson Personal Care Ministry, organized with multiple partner churches and housed at First Baptist Church of Jackson!   For the latest updates, "Like" Jackson Personal Care Ministry on Facebook!

Love In the Name of Christ and LINCC

Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC) is a national organization that joins churches in a community together to help persons in need by using what each church can do best. Westminster supports Love INC through direct volunteer participation, financial support for benevolence and operating expenses, and personal follow-up beyond the initial need for which someone is referred to us.

LINCC stands for "Love In the Name of Christ Committee," Westminster church's committee that works with individuals referred to us through Love INC.

Special opportunities for giving abound during the year, and we try to provide enough information in advance to enable participants to plan their giving. Seasonal giving opportunities to meet the needs of others in our community include “Save a Sole” sock collection for shelters and clothing banks, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas gifts.  We also participate in the four Presbyterian special offerings. Giving received all the time includes toiletries, clothing, sheets & towels.

Mission Trips

Since Hurricane Katrina, we've co-planned mission to the Gulf Coast with Brooklyn and Jackson First Presbyterian Churches. So far, we’ve sent 8 groups to aid with ongoing Hurricane relief and resettlement!

Time and Talent Pledges

Our fall emphasis on stewardship of God’s gifts to us includes offering of the diverse talents God has given us for use within and beyond the church. Then, when a need arises for a worship leader, photographer, someone to provide transportation, or whatever, we know who can offer that service or skill.

10% of the Church's Income

Westminster’s congregation is committed to using at least 10% of our income each year for mission, including various local mission programs, Presbyterian mission efforts throughout the world, and disaster assistance. Some of the ways we do that are elsewhere on this page!